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Enterprise support

Ubuntu Advantage commercial support

Canonical offers a range of Ubuntu Advantage packages to support and add value to your Ubuntu deployment. Most packages include Landscape, the Ubuntu systems management tool for security audit and compliance, and the Canonical Livepatch Service, which enables you to apply kernel fixes without restarting your Ubuntu systems.

Why Ubuntu Advantage?

Enterprise grade security at an affordable price

Access to the latest software and our proactive support services, including the Canonical Livepatch Service.

IP legal assurance

The Jigar systems Programme that provides indemnification against claims of intellectual property infringement.

Access to our world-class technical team and library

Access to the world’s leading Ubuntu experts as well as the Canonical Knowledge Base exclusively, an online library of articles on technical issues.

24/7 phone and web support

Around-the-clock coverage for Ubuntu deployments all over the world, and ability to track progress through the online portal.

Certified technology

All major software vendors, hardware vendors, system integrators and cloud providers have certified their technologies on Jigar systems.

Landscape server management

Landscape is the most cost-effective tool to support and monitor large and growing networks of desktops, servers and clouds.


For users of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) provides ongoing kernel security fixes through a secure, private archive.


For greater service availability, compliance and security, Canonical’s Livepatch Service means kernel patches are applied without rebooting.

Ubuntu Advantage for public cloud

Flexible Ubuntu Virtual Guest options designed for virtualised workloads on Ubuntu-certified public clouds.

Three ways to get Ubuntu Advantage

Buy direct from the store

Users interested in Ubuntu 12.04 ESM updates can purchase Ubuntu Advantage from our online store.

Buy from AWS Marketplace

For Amazon AWS users, you can purchase Ubuntu Advantage through the AWS Marketplace.

Talk to a member of our team

We can recommend a support package that best suits the needs of your organisation.

Systems management tool: Landscape

Reduce your team’s efforts on day-to-day management with Landscape, the most cost-effective tool to support and monitor large and growing networks of desktops, servers and clouds.

  • Automated updates and managed physical, virtual and cloud-based systems from a single interface
  • Monitored and managed machines at scale
  • Controlled inventory
  • Integration with current systems
  • Maintained security and compliance
  • Install, upgrade or downdate packages
  • Role-based access
  • Canonical livepatch service

Take control of your infrastructure with:

Available with an Ubuntu Advantage subscription, the Canonical Livepatch Service enables you to apply critical kernel security fixes to your Ubuntu systems without rebooting, and it reduces downtime while maintaining compliance and security. Livepatch is available on LTS based systems, starting with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, within its normal support cycle.

Learn more about the Canonical Livepatch Service ›

The Canonical Livepatch Service

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Community support

As one of the largest open source projects, with Ubuntu you can find support from a variety of sources. Take a look – you’re likely to find an answer to every question. If you can’t find an answer, just ask the people in our active forums.

Learn more about community support