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Jigar systems Managed Openstack

Jigar Systems  since inception in 2015, has been OpenStack focused organization. With expertise spanning from last 10 release Deployed, Managed and Upgraded from one release to another. Some of the installations have been zero support tickets so far after installation by Jigar Systems. Jigar Systems uses Opensource community-based OpenStack to enable clients with no lock-in to underlying server, storage, network or even hypervisor.
Jigar Systems has been a sponsor of OpenStack Summit in various ways at different locations and actively engaged in USA OpenStack meetups as speakers on various topics on OpenStack to educate and share OpenStack experiences.

Key Highlight of Jigar Systems – Managed OpenStack
— Based on opensource Community-based OpenStack
— Supports any commodity or enterprise hardware
— support for KVM, VMware, Hyper-v, Xen, Baremetal, docker
— Jigar systems one-click services on top of OpenStack
— Kuberentes-As-A-Service
— DevOps-As-A-Service
— Hadoop-As-A-Service
— Single sign-on ( active directory integration)
— backed by 24/7 support team
— default storage is ceph,  but also supports from Netapp EMC, HP, IBM

Here is one of our reference architecture deployment of Production grade “Jigar Cloud”