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Staffing Overview

Jigar Systems is IT professional services firm specializing in IT staffing and consulting providing US employers with best IT professionals since 2015. We have professional and certified engineers, developers, programmers and instructors to work with most of the industry standard products with latest training and certifications in matured and emerging technologies.

Jigar Systems is experienced at providing our clients with an array of resources in Application Development and network engineering. We have experienced staff which ensures that qualified professionals placed in companies that best suits their requirements like Cloud architects, Network architects, DevOps engineers, Hybris Developers, Java Developers, Tech leads, Business Analysts, Sales Force consultants, Big data architects etc. This strength comes from our rigorous recruiting process. We evaluate and measure a candidate’s speed, accuracy and aptitude in each technology. The results are used to benchmark the consultant against other consultants worldwide. Through this approach, we filled a pool of developers with the necessary expertise and then able to properly staff client projects before the work commences. Alternatively, we can provide the appropriate resources when staff supplementation is needed, such as to meet time or resource constraints.

Jigar Systems also takes projects in the field of Network design, engineering and Software Development to give total solution to meet client needs virtually around the clock and around the world.

Jigar System’s area of expertise:

  • Network: Cisco, Juniper, Nokia network designing, consulting and support
  • Cloud: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP architect and support
  • Program & Tools: C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, R and CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GitHub etc.
  • Virtualization: Docker containers, Kubernetes, VMware, KVM and others
  • Other platforms: SAP, Salesforce, IOT, Machine Learning and Big data solutions

Our goal has been to provide our clients with a complete solution to meet their technology requirements at the most affordable price. Our success in achieving this goal can be attributed to our technical consulting Practice comprised of dedicated professionals with proven track records in their areas of expertise.

Please contact us or visit our web site www.jigar.com and we will be happy to assist you for any of your technical requirements and sincerely looking forward to doing business with you.